The Collection


Every effort has been made to give the look and feel of life at Vailima during the Stevenson years.  The founders paid meticulous attention to historical data to replicate furnishings and other artifacts.  Period antiques were chosen and placed according to photos and other descriptions from letters, biographies, etc.

Lloyd Osbourne was dispatched to Scotland to bring the family furnishings to Samoa.  This was done so that the family always had a connection to their Edinburgh home on Heriot Row.  The furniture was perhaps the finest in Samoa at the time.

Professional interior designer, Mike McDaniel worked closely with Chairman Tilafiaga to select the furnishings in every room.  If not duplicated, the individual items were chosen because of the time period in which they were made.  Most came from Europe or were manufactured to represent furniture that was in the home during the Stevenson years.