SAMOA affects Tusitala’s writing

tusitala portrait with friend

In the first two years at Vailima, Stevenson continued to work on his new kind of travel writing with, In the South Seas, struggling, he wrote once, to find the right ‘style’, and his new kind of fiction. He was conscious of being innovative, speaking repeatedly of his last novels and stories in terms like ‘the first realistic South Sea story’, The Beach of Falesa, peculiarity about this tale The Ebb Tide, something different Weir of Hermiston. In 1891 he also began work on aRead More


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THE ROAD OF THE LOVING HEART Stevenson’s very presence in Samoa as a renowned man of letters with international fame was enough to make him a sought-after source of advice and influence.  He was visited regularly for his advice and counsel by politicians, neighbors, friends and missionaries of virtually every Christian denomination represented in Samoa at the time.  Foreign visitors – and there were many – also called by to be recognized by the famous author. The colonization movement by the then super powers ofRead More