The Library


RLS was a man of enormous creative talent. His life-style reflected almost every aspect of his interests. He loved literature, music and art but, his writing was of paramount importance. From a historical perspective, the Library evolved and there were several configurations during the time the Stevensons occupied the upstairs. The Library has a fireplace as does the Tapa room, directly below. The fireplaces were designed to make RLS feel at home since he’d always had a hearth nearby. It was also supposed that theRead More

Fanny’s Bedroom

Fanny's Bedroom

In contrast to the flamboyant colors of Louis’ adjacent quarters, Fanny selected for her bedroom the soft, rich and somewhat muted tones of natural redwood. Other than her own descriptions of her room, there exists now only one drawing from Isobel’s work. Her sketch was made on the day that the furniture from Stevenson’s Edinburgh Heriot Row home was unpacked. It shows the room in great disarray, but the main features are distinguishable, such as the back of the fireplace, the supporting beam, and the windows.Read More

Austin’s Bedroom

Austin's Bedroom

Austin was a school holiday visitor to Vailima, having come from America and New Zealand to see his family. He and Louis were great pals, since Louis didn’t grow-up with siblings. His playful nature was at the root of war games, military fortresses to protect against the imagined Indian’s bows and arrows. Stevenson entertained Austin with stories of world history and Samoan politics. His small room was a refuge for him. It is decorated with bright yellow “little boy” colors and adorned with implements ofRead More

Medicine Room

Medicine Room

This small room provided a buffer zone between the upstairs sleeping quarters of Aunt Maggie, Isobel and Austin. It was the major place for Fanny to practice her brand of folk medicine and administer the nostrums from her vast knowledge of plants and therapies. The room was identified as the Medicine Room in a diagram of the home drawn by Isobel in 1915 when she returned to Samoa to bury her mother’s ashes next to Louis on Mt Vaea. It includes the sick bed, theRead More

Isobel’s Bedroom

Isobel's Bedroom

After RLS decided to make Samoa his permanent home, he started to gather other family members from around the world. Isobel, Fanny’s daughter, her son Austin and husband Joe Strong were living in Sydney, but were persuaded to come to Samoa to stay with the family. The Strong family originally occupied “Pineapple Cottage”, the first house the Stevensons had while the main house was under construction. After a swift and bitter divorce, Joe Strong moved to town and Isobel and Austin were invited to occupyRead More